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General Questions About Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

After a person has completed both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree, they have to pass a national exam towards licensing as a state licensed therapist. Then a person is eligible to begin accumulating 3,000 hours of supervised experience. While they are in this process, which can take anywhere from 18 months to 5 years, their professional designation is LPC-Intern or LMFT-Associate. A licensed therapist (LPC or LMFT) with an –S designation has completed another 40 hours of coursework and has been awarded Clinical Supervisor status by their state board.  I am a board approved clinical supervisor for LPC Interns as well as LMFT Associates.

Psychotherapy is a type of clinical service where you may discuss feelings you have about yourself and other people, particularly family and those close to you. In some cases, couples or families are offered joint therapy sessions together. Psychotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of mental health concerns, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Long-term illness
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Adjustment and Transitional issues
  • Divorce related issues
  • Relationship problems

Participation in therapy can result in a number of benefits to you, including improved interpersonal skills and relationships, as well as the resolution of specific concerns or symptoms that led you to seek therapy. Although there is evidence to support the benefits of psychotherapy and counseling services, there are also potential risks. Once an individual begins to explore the sensitive and at times uncomfortable issues identified in therapy, they may begin to experience higher levels of discomfort. In addition, a person may notice increased strain or tension in their relationships as they work towards resolution of their identified treatment issues. It is important be aware that change is often times uncomfortable, even when the outcome is likely to be a positive one.

The first sessions will involve a comprehensive evaluation of your needs, also known as a psychosocial evaluation. Once treatment targets and needs are identified, we will discuss your treatment goals and create an initial treatment plan. You should evaluate this information and make your own assessment about whether you feel comfortable working with me. If you have questions about the process or procedures, they should be discussed as soon as they arise. I am ethically obligated to work with you in terms of finding appropriate treatment options, even if it means referring you to another professional for services. Psychotherapy requires a very active effort on your part. In order to be most successful, a person must work on the issues outside of sessions, as well as within them.

The information you discuss with me in all sessions is confidential and privileged information that will not be released without your written consent, except for in the following circumstances. Confidential communication may be breached if:

  • There is reason to believe you are in danger of harming yourself or another
  • There is reason to believe that you are involved in or have knowledge of child or elderly abuse or neglect, in which the therapist is required by law to notify the state child or adult protective services within 48 hours
  • There is an ordered disclosure by state or Federal Court

For more information on your rights and laws regarding your Protected Healthcare Information (PHI), please see the Confidentiality and HIPPA Notice of Privacy Policy

While privacy in therapy is crucial to successful progress, parental involvement is also essential. It is necessary that a legal guardian with the rights to consent for medical treatment is present with the minor child for the session, even if I am seeing the child individually for the duration of the scheduled session.

It is also important to remember that the process of building a therapeutic alliance requires trust and treating the sensitive information discussed in session as confidential. If a child or adolescent cannot trust me to create the same environment for them as my adult clients, the process is not likely to be beneficial.

Please consider this when asking for details of the session and continue open dialogue with me about your concerns. Please know that I am legally obligated to report abuse and neglect, as well as to inform the caregivers or take precautions to protect the child/adolescent from harm. If the session is concerning any imminent danger to the minor child, the parent/guardian and/or proper authorities will be alerted.

Please be advised that prior to the commencement of services with a minor client who is named in a custody agreement or court order, I am obligated to obtain and review a current copy of the custody agreement or court order, as well as any applicable part of the divorce decree. I am obligated to maintain these documents in the client’s record and abide by the documents at all times. Please bring these documents with the minor child when presenting for the first session.

If you are seeking services for a minor that is involved in a suit affecting the parent child relationship (example: custody, divorce, guardianship, parental rights), please be aware that I provide strictly therapeutic services. I am not a forensic evaluator or parent coordinator and I do not offer case studies, parent fitness evaluations, or home studies. If I am subpoenaed for testimony in a legal proceeding related to custody, please understand that it will be detrimental to the therapeutic relationship and I will in most cases be ethically obligated to terminate services. For any legal concerns regarding subpoenaing your therapist as a witness or the protected and confidential records, please contact me directly – Kelly McCabe at (512)688-5615

Yes, I provide Phone Consultations scheduled during normal office hours. These are treated exactly as in in-office visit with all applied confidentiality. 

*  Phone messages are answered during office hours often in between sessions and are often kept to a minimum of 5 to minutes in an effort to provide timely responses to all of my clients.

I am currently accepting Baylor Scott & White insurance.

Please be aware that all insurance companies will require a mental health diagnosis be assigned to you or the identified client (couple or family) in order to pay for psychotherapy services. When clients do not want to have a diagnosis assigned to them, they often opt to pay for therapy with cash or credit and not to submit the claim to their insurance company.

To determine if you have mental health coverage, the first thing you should do is check with your insurance carrier. Check your coverage carefully and find the answers to the following questions:

  • What are my mental health benefits?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?
  • How much does my insurance pay for an out-of-network provider?
  • What forms need to be completed to obtain reimbursement for psychotherapy with an out-of-network provider?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

In accordance with laws regarding insurance fraud, clients who submit receipts or claims for reimbursement are not eligible for reduced or discounted fees.

General Office Policies & Procedures

Payment for psychotherapy is due at the time services are rendered. Payment is accepted in the form of credit card, cash, or check. Unless it has been prearranged with your provider, services may not be provided as scheduled if the client has an outstanding balance. To avoid accumulation of a balance, clients are encouraged to complete a Billing Agreement and to provide credit card information to remain on file during the time they are active clients. Credit cards will only be billed for services provided, returned check fees, or no-show/late cancellation charges. Credit card information is securely destroyed 60 days after your last session or immediately upon your communication that you are terminating the therapeutic relationship. A $30 fee is charged for each returned check.

Appointments will ordinarily be 45-55 minutes in duration, at an agreed upon frequency. The time scheduled for your appointment is assigned to you and you alone. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, I ask that you provide 24 hours notice.

If you miss a session without canceling, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, it is rarely possible to fill the spot with another person in need. In addition, late arrivals will still need to end on time as I am unable to allow these sessions to push into my next client’s scheduled time. All no shows and late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) will be charged a $50 fee that must be paid prior to the next scheduled session.

If the client is unable to pay the fee prior to the next session, they will be allowed to reschedule up to 2 times, with sufficient notice, before any future appointments are cancelled. Medical and other explainable emergencies will be considered in the assessment of a no show fee if a diligent effort is made to alert the therapist in a timely manner.

Free Initial Consultation

  • 15 minutes (by phone or scheduled in person during office hours)


  • $150/55 minutes
  • $200/90 minutes (*not regularly billable to insurance)

Phone Consultation Costs scheduled during regular practice hours are billed at a rate of $150/hour in 15 minute increments.

After hours are subject to an additional $50 surcharge unless previously agreed within the contract for services.

Regular phone messages will be returned throughout the day as I will normally check messages between sessions.  Please know that if a call is made late in the day, it will most likely not be returned until the following business day.  These phone calls will be kept to approximately 5 minutes in an effort to avoid billing you for consultations.

You have the right to review or receive a summary of your records at any time, except in limited legal circumstances or situations when such release might be harmful to you or others. All requests for records must be made in writing. Fees for the copying of records provided will be charged at a minimum of $25.00 for the first 10 pages, and then $.25 cents per page for each page thereafter.

Should you require this office to mail them, you will also be billed for the certified mail with receipt and signature required to the specified address. We are required by law to provide records to you within fifteen (15) days of receiving a written request in non-emergency situations. However, a minimum advance notice of one week prior to the need for records is preferred.

If you are seeking services for a minor that is involved in a suit affecting the parent child relationship (example: custody, divorce, guardianship, parental rights), please be aware that I provide strictly therapeutic services.

I am not a forensic evaluator or parent coordinator and I do not offer case studies, parent-fitness evaluations, or home studies. If I am subpoenaed for testimony in a legal proceeding related to custody, please understand that it will be detrimental to the therapeutic relationship and I will in most cases be ethically obligated to terminate services.  Please refer to my informed consent and new client contract that will be completed in your first session for legal fees associated with these services.

Your therapist will not engage in social networking with clients on Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter or any other social networking site.  The practice (Kelly M. McCabe, PLLC) will maintain the social media posts for advertising and announcement purposes.  You are encouraged to like or interact with these sites as you feel comfortable.

Please do not send private “friend” requests to your therapist or attempt to communicate with your therapist privately through any interactive or social networking websites. It is impossible to guarantee the security and confidentiality of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) via email and other online platforms and applications. As a result, the confidentiality of your protected healthcare information is not guaranteed if you were to send an email or other unprotected messages to your provider.

Communication via email, text, online platforms, or application should not be used for medical emergencies or with PHI.

At this time, I am unable to accept new clients.  If you would like to be placed on a list to be contacted when my books reopen, please leave me your information including if you are looking to use your insurance benefits.

If you are an existing client, I will do my best to reply within 48 hours. Please allow extra time if your message was sent over the weekend or during holidays.

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